To achieve the ultimate in service and quality standards, Blossom has in place a state-of-the-art infrastructure which helps maintain and enhance its competitiveness at the global level.

Blossom focuses on People, Processes and Productivity, and we strive to:

Vision :

Strategically located in the Hyderabad, Blossom has a state-of-the-art Development Centre with 100% power back-up. The company operates from well-equipped customer support and business development office in India.

The sprawling development centre is well-planned and environment-friendly, housing our Development, Design, Web Hosting, Sales/Marketing and Customer Support Divisions. While separate space is allotted to each project, the office also features a large and well-fitted and full-fledged Training Zone and a spacious Recreation Area

Latest Hardware set-up

Our development centre infrastructure includes servers running Windows & Linux Red Hat

Blossom’s in-house infrastructure is connected to the Internet using a 1 MB Leased Line.

High-end Workstations

Ten setup systems for Programming, Designing, Client Servicing and Administrative activities. All have 15/17 inch monitors & high quality AGP cards, running Windows XP Professionals and Linux desktops. The sleek design and high-end configurations of the up-to-date workstation provide greater processing speeds, larger memory storage capabilities and ultimate technical solutions for application development, designing and digital content creation - making these ideal for professionals in need of a faster production process and exceptional performance. The large-screen monitors also ensure excellent visibility.

High-Speed Communication & Constant Client Interaction

Our development centre in Hyderabad, India, is fully networked with high-speed communication links and equipped with powerful hardware and software. Keeping in mind our rapidly expanding offshore business and the subsequent requirement of close coordination with our clients, the company has opted for VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to introduce a better, faster and extremely cost-effective communication process. We also keep in touch with our clients via Instant Messaging software and e-mail.

Assured Business Continuity & Disaster Management

Complete data recovery and total restoration of server information are possible as data is securely stored at our world class partnership data centers. In case of an emergency, our dedicated team members work round the clock to ensure smooth operations and quick recovery.

Dedicated Team

A cross-disciplinary team of 5-plus highly qualified and experienced professionals with an average of over 5 years of Domain experience. Our Team features: